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Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®)

The signature of Yuriy Dulich is equal to BIOTIC FACTORY®

This website is copyrighted by Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®), except as otherwise noted. Except as is incidental to browsing this site, you may not copy, download, reproduce, or otherwise use the content (including images and/or moving images) of this site for any other purpose without the written permission of Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®).

The material on the Site is owned by Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®) and/or other copyright holders, including (but not limited to) studios, producers, and others for whom Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®) has provided services.  
You are not permitted to use any part of the content of the Site by any means and for any purpose other than viewing on the internet.  For the avoidance of doubt, downloading and/or storage (other than temporarily and purely incidental to web browsing or for temporary personal use) of material from the Site is prohibited.  Material from this Site which is owned by people other than Yuriy Dulich (BIOTIC FACTORY®) (such as, but not limited to video clips) may not be used without the separate permission of the owners of that material.

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